Goldmine software Integration Guide

Send SMS using Goldmine software

Goldmine’s CRM software offers users the ability to build upon contact relationships directly from their system through email, and now, with a little configuration, you can use Goldmine to send out instant communications through SMS.

Update Goldmine contacts to send SMS

Firstly you will need to set up a free Echo for Email account

Once setup you will be able to edit your desired contact(s) within the Goldmine CRM. Here you will need to add a new email address for each contact you wish to send a text message to. This should be done in the following format:

[email protected] e.g. [email protected].

Send Goldmine contacts instant SMS

In order to  send your Goldmine contacts a SMS, follow the standard procedure as required to send an email. The only necessary change would be to select the secondary email address added through the method above.  

It’s as simple as that to use Goldmine for instant communications. You have now successfully integrated with Echo for Email and can send SMS directly through Goldmine in minutes.

Receive SMS replies through Goldmine

To receive responses to the text messages you send, make sure you set up a two-way account. By doing this, you will ensure replies to your SMS will come straight back into your email account, via Goldmine and be displayed in the same way as emails.

We also offer further customisation settings for Echo for Email, including:

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